The bottle-grade polyester chips are widely used with the following advantages of no poison、no odor no smell、excellent transparency、high strength & high isolation and good processing features. Therefore, it becomes the preferred material for package bottles of drinking water、soft drink、non-drink and sheet material industry.“JADE”Brand “CZ-302”bottle-grade polyester chips are suitable for making the packing bottles for pure water、natural mineral water、distilled water、 drinking water、flavoring and candy containers, PET sheet material etc. The product features low heavy metal content、low content of acetaldehyde、good color value、stable viscosity. With a unique process recipe and production technology, 

the brand of product possesses excellent processing features, low processing temperature, wide scope in processing, excellent transparency and high in finished product rate. In making bottles, the product has a small degradation and low content of acetaldehyde. While ensuring safety and hygiene, it can effectively keep the respectively unique taste of purified water、mineral water and distilled water.

By applying the most advanced technology from DuPont USA and process technology from Buhler Co., Ltd. Switzerland, whose all equipments were imported abroad. The company always strictly organizes production and management based on the requirements stipulated in ISO 9001 

Quality Guarantee System. The quality of“JADE”Brand bottle-grade polyester chips is reliable and worthy to be trusted by all customers

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