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  • Xanthan Gum

Xanthan Gum

  • Molecular formula: C35H49O29
  •  CAS No.  11138-66-2

xanthan gum is most often found in salad dressings and sauces. It helps to prevent oil separation by stabilizing the emulsion, although it is not an emulsifier. Xanthan gum also helps suspend solid particles, such as spices. Xanthan gum helps create the pleasant texture in many ice creams, along with guar gum and locust bean gum.

Physical PropertyWhite or light yellow free
Viscosity (1% KCl, cps)≥1200
Particle Size (mesh)Min 95% pass 80 mesh
Shearing Ratio≥6.5
Loss on Drying (%)≤15
PH (1%, KCL)6.0- 8.0
Ashes (%)≤16
Pyruvic Acid (%)≥1.5
V1:V21.02- 1.45
Total Nitrogen (%)≤1.5
Total Heavy Metals≤10 ppm
Arsenic (As)≤3 ppm
Lead (Pb)≤2 ppm
Total Plate Count (cfu/g)≤ 2000
Moulds/Yeasts (cfu/g)≤100
Coliform≤30 MPN/100g

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