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  • Sodium citrate

Sodium citrate

  • Molecular Formula:C6H5Na3O7
  • Molecular weight: 258.07
  • CAS No.:68-04-2

Sodium Citrate, also known as sodium citrate, is an organic compound.  

Appearance is white to colorless crystal.  Odorless, cool and salty.  Stable at room temperature and in the air, slightly soluble in wet air, in hot air weathering phenomenon.  Heat to 150℃ to lose crystal water.  Soluble in water, soluble in glycerin, poorly soluble in alcohols and other organic solvents, superheated decomposition, slightly deliquescent in humid environment, slightly weathered in hot air, the pH value of its solution is about 8.  

Sodium citrate is used as acidity regulator, flavor agent and stabilizer in food and beverage industry.  In the pharmaceutical industry as anticoagulant, expectorant and diuretic;  In detergent industry, sodium tripolyphosphate can be used as non-toxic detergent additives.  It is also used for brewing, injection, photographic medicine and electroplating. 

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