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  • Thermoplastic Polyurethanes

Thermoplastic Polyurethanes

  • TPU is a block copolymer consisting of alternating sequences of hard and soft segments or domains formed by the reaction of  diisocyanates with short-chain diols (so-called chain extenders) and  diisocyanates with long-chain diols. By varying the ratio, structure and/or molecular weight of the reaction compounds, an enormous variety of different TPU can be produced. This allows urethane chemists to fine-tune the polymer's structure to the desired final properties of the material.

What is thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)? - TPU is a highly versatile elastomer with unique properties that offers both superior performance and processing flexibility. TPU is the ideal polymer for applications in a wide variety of markets, including footwearwire and cable, film and sheetcompoundingadhesives and specialty molded partsTPU has been providing benefits to designers, manufacturers and end users for over 60 years.

TPU is a unique type of plastic bridging the gap between rubbers and plastics. The key to TPU's versatility is that its hardness can be highly customized. TPU can be as soft as rubber or as hard as rigid plastics. The look and feel of TPU is just as versatile. It can be transparent or colored as well as smooth to the touch or provide grip.

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